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High Alumina Refractory Brick

The brick is made from sintered special grade clay, pressed by high pressure and sintered at high temperature, with excellent spalling resistance, alkali,sodium,sulfur,chlorine and alkalic salt corrosion. Low thermal conductivity, a better and ideal choice for steel industry.

Product Description

The high alumina brick feature:

high alumina bricks for steel making is made from special grade of bauxite as main raw material, added with little amount of white fused alumina and a alumina powder, shaped by high pressure and sintered at high temperature. The main mineral constituent includes mullite and corundum, with excellent high temperature physical performance and chemical resistance.

ItemsHigh alumina brick
Al2O3,% ≥55657082
Refractiriness under load,0.2Mpa1450148015301600
Apparent porosity,% ≤20-2320-2320-2218-20
Bulk density,g/cm32.25-2.42.3-2.52.4-2.62.5-2.7
Cold crushing strength,Mpa ≥45506070


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