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A professional company produces and sales refractory materials for industry of cement, iron & steel ,non- ferrous metal and glass etc.
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In our plant, there are three shaped refractory materials production lines, one alkali refractory production line, one aluminum silicon refractory production line, one thermal insulation brick production line. There are 15 motor driving presses of 400-ton to 1000-ton and two hydraulic presses of 2500-ton, which can meet all kinds of refractory demands for all industries. Our main products are corundum brick, magnesia brick, magnesia chrome brick, magnesia alumina spinel brick, low apparent porosity fireclay brick, high alumina brick, silica brick, insulation brick, thermal ceramic fiber blanket and all kinds of monolithic refractory materials.
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Kaiyuan has a professional technical team to work closely with many domestic research institutions. Kaiyuan has been sticking to the principle of quality first, customer first and carrying out the enterprise policy of leading by science & technology,living by high quality. With the operation mode of scale collectivization, management scientification, operation marketization, service deepening. The company produced a series of high quality refractory materials depending on advanced science & technology, good modern equipment,strict process management and control, perfect quality guarantee system and control methods. Our products had been exported to South Korea, Russia, Bahrain,Iraq, Italy,Mexico,Germany,Pakistan,Japan,Thailand and so on. 

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