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Magnesia carbon brick


Product Description

Magnesia carbon brick mainly used for steelmaking oxygen converter lining, the steel export, high power electric furnace wall hot spots, as well as the furnace refining furnace lining, Sheng steel ladle slag line position and is also used for the lining of converter, AC arc furnace, DC electric arc furnace, ladle slag line and other parts.

itemreference index 
MgO,% ≥807876767474727070
C,%   ≥101010141414181818
AP%  ≤456456345
volume density g/cm3   2.92.852.82.92.822.772.92.822.77
cold crushing strength,MPa ≥403530403525403525
high temperature bending strength,MPa ≥1400C×30mm,Mpa65412851074


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